Cooking between tradition and future

The group Cocofungo,was founded in 1976 by Beppe Maffioli, a man of great culture and infinite heart, passionate connoisseur of Treviso gastronomic culture, together with his friend, journalist and “scientist” of the table, Fernando Raris.

The intent of the founders of Cocofungo -a word-marriage between the name of the mushroom, called Coco, and the contraction of the word Cook/chef- was to ennoble the mushroom, as principal product of Treviso and Alps cuisine. This ingredient became the protagonist and main ingredient of a collection of events organized within the restaurants of the Cocofungo group. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the small group of friends restaurateurs who have strongly believed in this project, the adventure has become the undisguised manifest of Trevisan cuisine greatness. Cocofungo, the forerunner of many culinary exhibitions that have then spread throughout Italy, anticipated the idea of wine and food tourism. The fair has gained popularity and, thanks to the commitment and ability to constantly update to modern trends, it has, since then, surprised even the most demanding and refined of goumand: tradition in evolution, an appointment with taste that engages an always increasing number of participants.

The restaurants Barbesin, Celeste, Gigetto, Miron and Sansovino Restaurant in Castelbrando by Palazzi are the members of Cocofungo association, in 2008, Der Katzlmacher, located in Munich and promoter of Italian cuisine in Bavaria. has joined the group and, in 2014 the Restaurant Marcandole as also joined this fantastic venture.