New year’s eve 2019




Menu à la carte






Soft egg, white truffle from S. Miniato on smoked vegetable puree


Deer tartare, San Martino crispy waffles and raspberry reduction


Foie gras “au torchom” with dried fruit and banana bread








Ravioli stuffed with scallops on broccoli sauce and raw Sicilian prawns


Pumpkin cream, manioca gnocchi and chlorophyll caviar


Semolina gratin, dried chanterelles, roe deer ragout and vegetables





Main courses



Sorana Beef fillet with red wine and black cherry sauce, potato chips


Red Tuna steak, parsley root mash and vegetable macedonia


Boiled Hen on winter vegetables, Capomagro sauce and consommé








Chilli marinated pineapple with passion fruit sorbet


Almond delight with pumpkin sorbet, dried fruit crumble, amaretto cream and pumpkin water jelly


“Dolomiti” with orange and cinnamon mousse on chocolate bisquit with crispy hazelnut gianduia with Eclat d’or, citrus sauce






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