Cocoradicchio 2020 Menu


Cocoradicchio 2020 menu




Appetizer at the Brolo



Radicchio finger food

Selection of charcuterie De Stefani

Soligo cheese selection



Asolo Prosecco Superiore Brut Giusti Wine

“Stop” cocktail with Grappa Suite n.5 Roberto Castagner




At the Restaurant




Spadone, root velluteé, apple and lemon jelly, toasted cread cubes and Aspretto reduction


Pandataria Candidaterra





Ravioli with Radicchio, goatcheese quenelle, rocket pesto and crispy Speck


Chickpeas cream with panfried scallops, Radicchio, agretti and passion fruit



Vermentino Stellato di Palà





Roasted Sorana fillet with radicchio. Polenta gnocchi with, beetroot mayonnaise and raspberries and a taste of spring



Nero di Troia 1788 Domus Hortae Reserve






Vanilla bavaroise with, radicchio heart, raspberry jelly and black charcoal shortbread



Passito Bianco Feudo Montoni








Grappa Fuoriclasse Leon Riserva 3 years Roberto Castagner

Amaro Leon Roberto Castagner