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Cocoradicchio 2020 Menu

  Cocoradicchio 2020 menu       Appetizer at the Brolo     Radicchio finger food Selection of charcuterie De Stefani Soligo cheese selection     Asolo Prosecco Superiore Brut Giusti Wine “Stop” cocktail with Grappa Suite n.5 Roberto Castagner       At the Restaurant       Spadone, root velluteé, apple and lemon jelly, toasted cread cubes and …


Valentine’s Menu 2020

    Menu conceived by Chef Marco Bortolini         Valentine’s aperitif at the table     Biancoperla, robiola, olives, pumpkin, vegetable charcoal briseé. Sweet pepper         Cuttlefish Cappuccino, potato cream and milk foam         Fried ravioli, ricotta, spring onion and pepper sauce   “Bigoi al torchio”, broccoli sauce, vegetables and red …